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Weekly Wanderings 2020/13

As you saw, we attempted bread last week! And then had a lot of bread to eat, so we just had to eat it Vietnamese breakfast-style at least once. French bread, fried, egg, maggi sauce. We skipped the coffee this time, but I’d typically (happily) eat this with a nice strong ca phe sua da

Weekly Wanderings 2020/12

Hope everyone’s having a lovely October! We’ve been doing better at getting out for a walk every day, even if it’s just a short walk before sunset. Found the end. And some pretty little flowers. The fanciest fire hydrant. Samples for tasting time! Note how I made sure each piece got a good bit of

Weekly Wanderings 2020/10

This week has pretty much been dedicated to mooncakes. Cooking mooncakes… Editing mooncake videos… Eating mooncakes! Snail on a wall. Been eating lots of poutine. Not mad. I’m gonna have to make the cheese curds again soon so OH DARN MORE POUTINE. Breakfast sandwich! We’re really enjoying Going Under, and we’ve been playing it a

Weekly Wanderings 2020/9

What is time anymore? It’s been A Week of filming, filming, and more filming. The beginning of the week was still smoky, but in the last couple of days it finally cleared up. I can go outside again! Been in a breakfast sandwich kinda mood lately. This was bacon (left over from the okonomiyaki video),

Weekly Wanderings 2020/8

This week was a weird one. It started out so hot that even in a dark room inside the house, chocolate was melting. (I had to take the laptop and escape to a cooler part of the house!) And then it got so terribly smoky outside that the temperatures cooled way down. Love the cooler

ice cream cake

Weekly Wanderings 2020/7

Been doing a slightly better job of getting out of the house this week. Found a dino next to last week’s llama. I have our whole filming schedule planned out… And then shishito peppers were available from Imperfect Foods (that’s an affiliate link – we’ll both get $10 off if you use it!) and I

breakfast sandwich

Weekly Wanderings 2020/6

We actually left the house this week! We went for one (1) short walk and found a llama. Still dancin’, still rehearsing to eventually give you some Just Dance videos! I KNOW everyone says don’t start a 3rd YT channel. But. I can’t help myself. I just really prefer having separation of content, EVEN if

jalapeno poppers

Weekly Wanderings 2020/5

This week’s been a little more varied. We’re building up a good backlog of recorded videos, so I’m finding time to paint my nails, do some game dev… it’s been nice. Our neighbors installed a super bright floodlight that the neighborhood critters tend to trigger. I don’t mind though, the shadows that it makes through

colorful mini tomatoes

Weekly Wanderings 2020/4

This week brought the heat! We’ve finally started making it a habit to get outside and do some gardening every morning. So OF COURSE the weather decided to change from Fogust (it’s been gloomy and cool all summer here) to HOT. But at least I’m getting a tan? Still eating blueberries with coconut cream. Tried