Weekly Wanderings 2020/14

It’s so weird to look back and realize my birthday was only a week ago?!

It feels like it’s been a month.

We don’t usually do much for birthdays around here, but I was feeling a little sad that the normal minor stuff is off the table this year – you know how it is.

So Son made me instant ramen (with a hard boiled egg that happened to be in the fridge, imitation crab, and nori). It’s the little things.

instant ramen with hard boiled egg and surimi

Our thai basil is flowering. Gardening video coming up soon!

thai basil with flowers

Birthday WoW and a pistachio cupcake my mom made me! It was so fluffy and so delicious.

a pistachio cupcake on a plate, held up in front of my monitor

Son wanted to have a candle for my birthday pudding, but we couldn’t find any around the house (aside from a couple of tea candles). I texted my mom, and she responded, “let’s facetime so you can pick which ones you want…”

Turns out she has an entire shoebox filled with every single birthday candle she ever got since I was a baby, so there were OPTIONS.

I picked these rainbow polka dot ones. I’m never gonna have to buy candles again.

a box of birthday candles from 1987

Birthday dinner! Instead of presents, my mom cooks for us. Normally we ask for cake, but this year (since I was already planning on making something sweet) I asked her to make my grandma’s teriyaki chicken recipe.

This is my happy place.

teriyaki chicken over white rice

Surprise cake showed up at our door!

a fruity cake

Son’s brother’s girlfriend ordered cake to be delivered from a local bakery.

a cake with "happy birthday allison"

It’s our local neighborhood gargoyle.

a tiny gargoyle on a fence


a yellow mushroom growing in a tree

It’s been super gloomy all week. Fall is finally here!

damp ground covered in leaves

It smelled like rain. But alas, only a few overnight sprinkles.

tree silhouetted against a grey sky

Found the grass’ ass.

a hole in the grass

Pita chips!

baked pita chips

This was *supposed* to be a picture of brussels sprouts.

It was maybe a little dark in the kitchen.

a completely blurred picture

I’m entirely losing track of what day it is, we’ve just been going going going with filming and such… hence the late post.

Hope you have a good week… and don’t forget to vote if you’re in the US and able to!