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Maki sushi is probably the most well known type of sushi in the U.S. It consists of a layer of nori surrounding a layer of rice surrounding the fillings in the middle, all rolled into a cylinder and then cut into several smaller slices. The most well known type of maki sushi is the California Roll.

currywurst sushi

Currywurst sushi

It’s October, which means Oktoberfest! (At least, it was when we recorded this video – Oktoberfest actually started in late September, and ended two days ago!) Regardless of timing, Oktoberfest means beer… which seems a bit difficult to put in sushi. So we’re going with the next best thing – currywurst! So how did currywurst

Spicy Tofu Roll

Spicy Tofu Roll

I’ve been a big fan of Marisa Baggett for quite some time now. (We sushi ladies stick together!) I loved her first book, Sushi Secrets – so when I heard she was coming out with a second, vegetarian sushi cookbook… I was definitely excited. Then she reached out to me about a year ago, asking

spicy mushroom inari

Spicy Mushroom Inari

Every few months, Son and I go out to eat KBBQ with some of his old coworkers. Charred meat, a huge variety of banchan, your clothes smelling like KBBQ all the way home… what’s not to love? Unless, of course, you’re the one vegetarian of the group, who always gets stuck in the corner, marinating

Vegan Sushi

<span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt="Vegetarian sushi"/> </span> <p>I love to cook for others. Like, really, <em>really</em> love making sushi for other people.</p> <p>In a perfect world, I'd be allowed to experiment and have as much freedom coming up with new rolls as I do here on Sushi Day. But this isn't a perfect world, and not everyone will eat all the random rolls I put together (and, to be honest, not everything I attempt comes out

Man Sushi

<span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt="Tempura vegetables"/> </span> <p>Question: What do you do when you're tasked with making sushi for a group of friends, but one of your male friends has never eaten sushi and refuses to try raw fish?</p> <p>Easy: <em>MAN SUSHI</em>. (Just imagine I'm saying that in a deep, "manly" voice.)</p> <span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt="Putting the roll together"/> </span> <p>But what on earth is "Man Sushi"?</p> <p>Well, what sort of food does your stereotypical man love? That's an easy

pork belly roll

Porki Maki

Pork belly. It’s kind of like bacon, right? Except… better. If that’s even possible. And we all know how I feel about bacon in sushi. So pork belly in sushi? It’s the natural progression. Obviously. Porki Maki Ingredients 6 pieces nori 2 cups sumeshi 9 slices pork belly wasabi 6 stalks green onion Cooking Directions

Honey-Lemon Green Tea Tilapia Roll

<span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt=""/> </span> <p>Lately we've been trying to get a little more creative with the things we make here. After I mixed the honey-rice vinegar marinade (inspired by the ingredients list from a package of gari), I tasted it and thought it tasted just like lemon tea with honey.</p> <p>So what goes better with those flavors than... green tea! But once we tried it, the roll was good, but... missing something.

Happy Fourth Birthday, Sushi Day!

<span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt=""/> </span> <em>Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you... happy birthday dear Sushi Day, happy birthday to you!</em> Don't worry, I won't <em>actually</em> subject you to my singing. Promise. That would be cruel and unusual punishment, and I'm fairly certain you haven't done anything to deserve such a fate. Anyways. Today's Sushi Day's fourth birthday! Can you believe it's been four years already? I'd tell you to go back and revisit

curry sushi heart

A Taste of Yellow – Curried Sushi Hearts

<span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt=""/> </span> This heart is for my little brother. This heart is for my dad. This heart is for all of my friends and family who are or have ever had to suffer through cancer. I wish I could take all the hurt away. (These hearts are also for Barbara Harris' event, <a href="">LiveSTRONG with a Taste of Yellow 2010 - Heart Series</a>.) <span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt=""/> </span> <div id="recipe-tabs" class="clrself"> <p class="hd-top"><!-- --></p> <ul class="anchors"> <li><a href="#recipe">Recipe</a></li> <li><a href="#nutrition-data">Nutrition Info</a></li> </ul> <p class="hd"><!-- --></p> <div id="recipe"