Japanese Flag Sushi

If I had to choose one thing to import from Japanese culture into American culture, it would be the konbini.

Konbini, or Japanese convenience stores – which, you think 7-11, and they do have 7-11 konbinis in Japan, but the difference is, in Japan, you can go to a 7-11, you can get a full meal. It will be a healthy meal. And if you choose sushi, you don’t have to worry that it’ll kill you.

But seriously, every time we go to Japan, which we’ve been three times already, we can easily live off of konbini.

We actually have because we were working from Japan one time and every day we would just go get a bunch of food from the konbini and bring it back to our place and work, but the onigiri, the egg salad sandwiches… oh my gosh, the egg salad sandwiches. All of the food in the konbini are just so good.

And you know, it’s saying something because Japan in general has amazing food and yet the konbinis stand out.

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