Baby Yoda Sushi

I always feel a little bit bad when people ask me about something that’s popular in pop culture, whether it’s about actors or a movie or some popular TV show.

Because chances are, I can guarantee I haven’t seen it.

And it’s not because I’m too good for pop culture, or anything like that.

It’s just I’ve kind of always my entire life been out of the loop.

I was the oldest child in the family of three kids, and so you know how parents can get overprotective with that first child. And I was not allowed to watch TV, except for, like, the Disney Channel. I wasn’t really allowed to see movies, or my parents had to vet them first. And so I just never really got into the habit.

And then these days, I don’t have cable, don’t have Netflix, don’t have time to watch movies. I am just permanently out of the loop.

So if you want to talk to me about pop culture, I’m sorry… I probably don’t know. ?

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