Author: Allison

WHAT I EAT FOR BREAKFAST EVERY SINGLE DAY | the untaco-est breakfast taco

I’ve shared this before, and I’ll likely share it again. For several years (with occasional breaks), this has been my breakfast nearly every single morning. It’s very adaptable! Sometimes I’ll sauté red onions in the olive oil before adding the spinach. Sometimes I’ll add beans. If we’re particularly hungry or know it’ll be a while

Sour Candy Layer Cake

I’ve always loved seeing the cool layer cakes that all the amazing bakers across the internet make. On instagram and tiktok and food blogs, it’s my favorite thing to see some cool cake design, and imagine how that cake might taste. But I’ve never made one myself. I was always too intimidated by the idea

Vegan Blueberry Crisp

If the above video doesn’t load for you, click here to see it on TikTok! I am a clumsy human being. I am VERY injury-prone. Which, oddly enough, does NOT work great with trying to be a dancer. The first time I ever sprained my ankle, I was at a park with my girl scout

Sushi Bake

Somehow, throughout all my years as a sushi blogger… I’ve never tried a sushi bake? THAT CHANGES TODAY. TBH it never sounded super appetizing to me BUT I’m always down for giving things a chance and I had a feeling it was going to be tastier than it looked (to me)! I was right. It’s

Deviled Ramen Eggs

If the above video doesn’t load for you, click here to see it on TikTok! I’m half-Japanese. I grew up eating a ton of Top Ramen and Cup Noodles, but I never had real ramen until I was an adult. It was on our first big trip together. I had just graduated from college, and

Soot Sprite Mochi

This is my (extremely) last-minute submission to The Practical Escapist’s #GhibliMay event: Soot Sprite Mochi! Plain daifuku mochi, filled with a black sesame cream cheese filling, and then rolled in ground black sesame seeds to look like soot sprites. I may be baised, but I think they ended up super cute. Despite my hesitations (I

Okonomiyaki Fried Rice

Rice, rice, baby! I have a thing for using okonomiyaki flavors in random places. I’ve done it in maki sushi, inari sushi, deviled eggs… you just can never go wrong! I grew up eating bacon fried rice for special occasions – it’s still a New Year’s morning tradition in my family. Add in a ton

Apple Crumble

If the above video doesn’t load for you, click here to see it on TikTok! I’ve always found myself to be really lucky that none of the important men in my life have ever been particularly weirded out by anything to do with that time of the month. I was in high school, freshman year,

Lava Cakes with Raspberry Sauce

If the above video doesn’t load for you, click here to see it on TikTok! Someone on TikTok recently asked, “When is your birthday and what’s your favorite memory of one of your birthdays?”” I was never allowed to have the kind of birthday party my friends had, growing up. My parents never let me