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I love traveling.

I hate trying to find shoes for traveling.

Does anyone else have this problem? I feel like you can never find the perfect pair of shoes for a trip because when you’re traveling, you’re walking so much more than you do in day-to-day life. So the shoes that work for everyday stuff don’t work for traveling.

Used to be, I wanted cute shoes because you know, we all want those cute travel photos.

I’ve given up on that. I’ve entirely given up on that.

These days, I just want shoes that will not make my feet cramp, will not give me blisters, will not make my calves cramp.

And do you realize how impossible that is?!

I’ve also discovered that apparently my feet are slightly different sizes, which has never bothered me in day-to-day stuff, but when it comes to finding shoes that won’t give you blisters, but then one shoe does and one shoe doesn’t because you can’t find the right fit… Yeah, it’s a challenge.

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