Weekly Wanderings 2020/8

This week was a weird one.

It started out so hot that even in a dark room inside the house, chocolate was melting. (I had to take the laptop and escape to a cooler part of the house!)

And then it got so terribly smoky outside that the temperatures cooled way down. Love the cooler temps, hate that we *still* can’t go outside. Grateful that it’s not nearly as bad in SoCal as it is in NorCal or the PNW, though.

a melted chocolate bar

We played with kombu

kombu on a wood cutting board

And brought out Son’s new toy!

son holding his camera attached to a gimbal

I decided it was time to finally make use of this gorgeous knife my aunt gifted me years ago.

shun vegetable knife

And I became bffs with our little portable AC. There was one tolerable room.

air conditioning unit

Somewhere between the heat and smoke, we found a few minutes where it wasn’t terrible out.

sandals on the patio

Rice, kombu tsukudani, and sardines. A tasty, very Japanese meal.

a bowl of rice topped with kombu tsukudani and sardines, with chopsticks on top

The problem with using flour on a black table…

flour all over a black table

Guess what’s coming up tomorrow!

cooking okonomiyaki

We are a very cute couple why do you ask.

a screenshot from one of our videos, with son stuffing his face, me making a weird expression


squirrel sitting on a fence, eating a fig

I stocked up at 99 Ranch

lots of asian noodles

This splatter screen is my new favorite.

cooking salmon under a splatter screen

Breakfast. Roll with bacon, frico egg, and watercress. And I didn’t even realize, today’s International Bacon Day!

breakfast sandwich

Crack patterns.

Swirly crack patterns in a mug

GUESS WHAT TIME IT IS!!! (And guess what we’re gonna be making this week for upcoming videos!)


Have a lovely week, hopefully everyone’s able to stay safe from… everything.