Weekly Wanderings 2020/13

As you saw, we attempted bread last week! And then had a lot of bread to eat, so we just had to eat it Vietnamese breakfast-style at least once.

French bread, fried, egg, maggi sauce. We skipped the coffee this time, but I’d typically (happily) eat this with a nice strong ca phe sua da on the side!

french bread with a fried egg and maggi sauce

Also made my typical breakfast sandwich – sausage, frico eggs, arugula.

breakfast sandwich on the french bread

Experimenting with boba.

My balls were too big.

a pot full of misshappen boba

Early birthday cake from my mom! Pistachio cupcakes, and white cake layered with strawberry jam and topped with chocolate ganache.

a mini rectangular cake topped with chocolate ganache in the front, two pistachio cupcakes in the back

Something tasty is coming up in a couple of days…

a bowl filled with nilla wafers and sliced bananas, and a larger bowl filled with pudding

Another spookily delicious thing that’ll be going up later this week!

a sandwich using the french bread, with a black sauce and something fried for the filling

Lots more mystery tomatoes.

golden cherry tomatoes

Have a lovely week, everybody! We’re finally past our latest heatwave (and it’s my birthday this week!!!) so I’m looking forward to this week!