Weekly Wanderings 2020/9

What is time anymore?

It’s been A Week of filming, filming, and more filming.

The beginning of the week was still smoky, but in the last couple of days it finally cleared up. I can go outside again!

Been in a breakfast sandwich kinda mood lately.

This was bacon (left over from the okonomiyaki video), frico egg, and watercress on a roll.

breakfast sandwich

Due to all the smoke keeping me from getting outside lately, I’ve been having some SERIOUS anxiety + insomnia (this ended up being oddly relevant).

On one of the worst days, I gave up on sleep and just cleaned. Finally packed up a bunch of glasses and mugs that I got when my grandma passed away, but I mostly don’t use, so sticking them in storage for the time being.

Noticed this cool pattern on one of the mugs.

mug with swirly cracks


99 Ranch was giving away free mooncakes if you order $120 worth of groceries shipped, so YOU KNOW I made sure to hit that limit.

The lotus seed salted egg yolk mooncakes were so good.


I rarely ever take selfies, mostly because I’m REALLY BAD at them and I always hate how I look in them.

But on a whim, I took a selfie when I laid down in-between shots, while I was waiting for Son to do something.

And lo and behold I actually managed to take a good selfie. It’s a miracle!

a selfie of me laying down, wearing a tshirt and apron (my hair is doing pretty things)

I have a problem and it is my addiction to these salted egg potato chips.

a bag of Irvin's salted egg potato chips


a pot with white-speckled liquid and a thermometer

It’s taken YEARS, but I love that I’m finally confident enough in the kitchen that I can just whip up a recipe on a whim.

I did it twice this week!

pickled carrots and daikon

The above do chua (vietnamese pickles) were because we found a bag of frozen eggrolls that Son’s mom had made for us around New Year’s!

I managed to somehow not cook anything dinner appropriate this week… so the eggrolls were perfect.

fried eggrolls

More breakfast sandwich goodness.

English muffin, sausage, frico egg, and arugula.

breakfast sandwich


(From bottom: lotus seed paste, mung bean paste, azuki bean paste, and pandan mung bean paste!)

a stack of containers filled with different mooncake fillings

It’s a do chua type of week, it seems. My sis in law’s mom made some with mustard greens, and gave us a whole jar!

pickled mustard greens

Can’t test out cheese curds (oops – spoiler alert!) without turning it into poutine!

Freezer fries, homemade cheese curds, and the second of my spontaneous cooking adventures – gravy!

homemade poutine

More recipe testing – this is something you’ll be seeing later this week!

a purple drink topped with whipped cream and sprinkles

One thing I never expected from switching from Twitch to YouTube – SO many more people make the recipes I post!

Twitch streamers, Instagram friends, random strangers… even my mom (who NEVER watched my Twitch stream as far as I know) has cooked something from my YouTube channel!

It makes me so freaking happy every time I see it.

instagram story screenshot of me sharing someone's post where they made my recipe


container filled with different mooncakes

Taste testing.

cut up mooncakes on a plate

Had some work done on our house, ended up with broken glass in the yard.

So got a big vacuum to clean it up.

(It was oddly satisfying hearing the vacuum suck up things.)

shop vac on a lawn, with Son vacuuming something

Remember how we had a surprise tomato plant?

Well now we have tasty tomatoes!

hands holding orange cherry tomatoes

They’re so tiny and cute.

a bowl of orange cherry tomatoes

Mooncake messes!

It’s a freaking factory in here.

photo from above of my workspace when i was making mooncakes

Have a lovely week everybody… and get your hands on some mooncakes – the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is only a week and a half away!