Weekly Wanderings 2020/10

This week has pretty much been dedicated to mooncakes.

Cooking mooncakes…

Editing mooncake videos…

Eating mooncakes!

quartered mooncakes on a red plate

Snail on a wall.

snail on a wall

Been eating lots of poutine. Not mad.

I’m gonna have to make the cheese curds again soon so OH DARN MORE POUTINE.

homemade poutine with mushrooms

Breakfast sandwich!

english muffin with arugula, frico egg, and sausage

We’re really enjoying Going Under, and we’ve been playing it a lot on breaks. It’s such a fun game!

screenshot of Going Under

Green chili cheese sausage, pickled mustard greens, mayo, sourdough bread.

sausage sandwich

Still beading, a little each day.

beads and a partially finished red beaded square

Any guesses what this is going to be?

beads and a partially finished red beaded square with a small white arrow


quartered mooncakes

Green goddess sandwich. Sourdough, green goddess spread, vegan cheese, cucumbers, avocado, sprouts.

my hand holding a green goddess sandwich

Glad to finally be done with mooncakes tomorrow. I love them, but they kind of took over my life.

Hope you have a lovely week!