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pink rose

Weekly Wanderings 2020/3

Hope everyone had a lovely week! We’ve been cooking galore, but started venturing out of the kitchen and into the garden this week. Gardening videos hopefully coming soon! I may have grated that carrot a little too enthusiastically. My wrist has been injured for the last two months, and I can’t get into pushup position

photographing fig tarts

Weekly Wanderings 2020/2

We’re starting to really get into the groove of cooking and filming videos for our YouTube channel, and I’m having a lot of fun with it! Is there anything you’d like to see me cook? Coming up very soon… something spicy with black sesame seeds. I promise I’m not diseased, even though it looks like

Weekly Wanderings 2020/1

After quite a hiatus AND a blog switch… I’m back with more Weekly Wanderings! I always love getting a peek into other bloggers’ lives with their weekly photo posts, and I’m hoping some of you might have fun seeing mine as well. Enjoy! Summertime is champaca season! My very favorite flower scent (closely followed by