jalapeno poppers

Weekly Wanderings 2020/5

This week’s been a little more varied. We’re building up a good backlog of recorded videos, so I’m finding time to paint my nails, do some game dev… it’s been nice.

Our neighbors installed a super bright floodlight that the neighborhood critters tend to trigger. I don’t mind though, the shadows that it makes through the trees is kinda cozy.

shadows on the wall

Son got a cool shot of our recording equipment while I was doing the voiceover for our 1 minute videos on TikTok.

podcasting audio equipment

Orange glitter nails!

my hand, with orange glitter nails

I love having my nails done, but it can be hard to find time to do them.

I’ve been taking some time to catch up on videos that I’ve bookmarked while I do my nails, so it justifies the time!

my hand, with orange glitter nails

Plus, it’s silly of me but I like matching my nails to whatever I’m cooking (when I can, at least).

Hint… something with pumpkin is coming up soon!

my hand, with orange glitter nails

We haven’t gotten out to garden as much because it’s been HOT. And muggy. And I’ve been getting sunburns even with sunscreen. Bleh.

sun through a palm tree

I’ve also been attempting french braids, so I can keep my hair out of my face while wearing the sunhat.

No, you don’t get to see the french braids. Just trust me when I say they went extremely poorly.

me wearing a hat, showing the bottom of two braids

Someone’s instagram post made me crave nachos.

Totally a valid breakfast, I promise.

nachos with beans, tomatoes, and guac

Been using the YT channel as an opportunity to get creative with recipes. Brainstorming flavor combinations for something coming up soon.

the flavor bible

More recipe testing! Had to test which cheese worked best…

three types of cheese: smoked black pepper white cheddar, bacon and horseradish cheddar, and smoked medium cheddar

And OBVIOUSLY had to make a popper with each cheese. For science.

three jalapeno poppers with the aforementioned cheeses

Tomorrow’s recipe uses a bunch of bok choy, and I read somewhere that you can easily regrow.

Turns out it’s so easy to regrow, they started growing when they were sitting outside in a bag waiting for us to plant!

a bok choy core, with new leaves growing out the middle

I’m excited for the tasty recipes we have coming up this week. What have you been up to lately?