photographing fig tarts

Weekly Wanderings 2020/2

We’re starting to really get into the groove of cooking and filming videos for our YouTube channel, and I’m having a lot of fun with it!

Is there anything you’d like to see me cook?

Coming up very soon… something spicy with black sesame seeds. I promise I’m not diseased, even though it looks like it.

I possibly need to clean the oven windoor.

Behind the scenes. I swear, these days Weekly Wanderings is gonna be nothing but sneak peeks at what videos are coming up next, because all we do these days is film!

My eating gets out of whack on filming days, sometimes I get to midnight and realize I’ve barely eaten all day. Cereal to the rescue!

Finally found time to paint my nails again. What colors are catching your eye?

Went with a subtle (but glittery – always gotta be glittery) nude this week. Easing back into the idea of having my nails painted.

Blueberries! With vanilla coconut cream and granola. My new favorite healthy dessert.

Gettin’ figgy with it.

Fig tarts! Coming up… in a week or so. We’re doing a good job of building up a backlog.

More behind the scenes.



That’s it for this week! I really need to get out more, but I’ve been avoiding it thanks to COVID. This virus is gonna make a hermit out of me yet…