colorful mini tomatoes

Weekly Wanderings 2020/4

This week brought the heat!

We’ve finally started making it a habit to get outside and do some gardening every morning.

So OF COURSE the weather decided to change from Fogust (it’s been gloomy and cool all summer here) to HOT.

But at least I’m getting a tan?

Still eating blueberries with coconut cream.

Tried it with puff pastry left over from the fig tarts.

This week’s outdoors time has been all about revarnishing some outdoor furniture.

My happy food.

A couple of our stove burners are always covered, and I just realized this week that I must have somehow spilled salt water a while ago.

I’m extremely not a hat person, but I’ve been getting used to wearing one to garden.

Still with the blueberries. Really like it with granola (and chocolate chips!)

I’ve apparently accidentally splattered something (shoyu?) on our big softbox.

The dangers of filming food…

The fat in the sauce made some pretty patterns.

These are for an upcoming recipe video!

Cute little flower.


Don’t you make patterns with your roasted veggies?

Our avocado tree continues to floof.

Our surprise tomatoes are changing colors!

Here’s hoping that when they do go red, we catch them before the neighborhood critters do.

Life around here is pretty much all cooking and gardening these days. It’s a good quarantine life.