pink rose

Weekly Wanderings 2020/3

Hope everyone had a lovely week! We’ve been cooking galore, but started venturing out of the kitchen and into the garden this week. Gardening videos hopefully coming soon!

I may have grated that carrot a little too enthusiastically.

My wrist has been injured for the last two months, and I can’t get into pushup position without pain.

I’ve been avoiding PT thanks to COVID, but my physical therapist is a good friend and sent me some stuff to try in the meantime.

Fist pushups work! (… to the extent that I can do any sort of pushup.) Nails and fist pushups do NOT go together though.

My hacky idea for hanging up a green screen… but I had to make Son hang them all up because I’m too short, even standing on a chair.

We stumped this avocado tree late last year. It has totally floofed!

Anybody have ideas for making a cheap tomato trellis thing at home?

Tomatoes! I need to get another picture, they’re starting to change colors now.

Found a slug friend.

I don’t always love roses, but they can be very pretty sometimes.

Green screen hanging hack WORKED!!!

Hopefully some VR and/or Just Dance videos coming soon?

My only fan.


Trying to do barre more regularly.

Someday my turnout will be better.

Chili oil reflections. This + gyoza coming up on our YouTube channel soon!!!

Have a wonderful week… and stay tuned for some seriously tasty food coming up!