Weekly Wanderings 2020/12

Hope everyone’s having a lovely October!

We’ve been doing better at getting out for a walk every day, even if it’s just a short walk before sunset.

Found the end.

a sign with reflective things so people dont run into the end

And some pretty little flowers.

pink flowers

The fanciest fire hydrant.

a fire hydrant surrounded with pink and white flowers

Samples for tasting time! Note how I made sure each piece got a good bit of bacon.

pieces of chicken breast topped with bacon

When Shrimpy noted that we accidentally burnt some fries

he wasn’t kidding.

burnt sweet potato fries

My brother REALLY likes Oreos, so when I saw this… I just had to get it for his birthday.

Haven’t made it yet, but I’m going to do the silliest Sushi Labs ever for it…

a swedish oreo torte box mix

I’ve been reflecting upon how I always say I want to dance… but never do.

So I’m making myself come up with prompts and post daily dance improv.

It scares the heck out of me, but I always say you have to make shitty art before you can make good art, so I’m following my own advice.

Saw this fellow hanging out in a tree.

a sloth toy in a blanket

Day 2. It’ll be a while before I actually like the stuff I’m posting… but I’m sharing it anyways.


It’s the best feeling when a random idea turns out REALLY REALLY GOOD.

You’re gonna want to see tomorrow’s post!

thanksgiving poutine!

Getting baked.

filming bread baking

Fresh-baked bread exists to be a tasty delivery mechanism for good butter.

a piece of bread with butter


loaves of bread


I just wanted to lay on the ground and call it art.

Instead… I laid on a chair and called it art.

Plenty of good food (and questionable dancing) coming up! Hope you all have a lovely week! I need a nap…