Thanksgiving Poutine

Sweet potato fries, homemade squeaky cheese curds, caramelized onions, dried cranberries, maple-glazed turkey, and turkey gravy – we’re making Thanksgiving Poutine!

When both MaryJoStaebler AND Morhokai redeemed their fishcoins to choose Canada, I knew I definitely wanted to make poutine! And since we had two redemptions, don’t you worry – another Canadian recipe will be coming up!

I’d made poutine before, back on my Twitch stream. But at the time, I used store-bought cheese curds (which weren’t all that great) and overall it was good… but not great.

And you know me, I can’t help but put a twist on things.

Since today is Canadian Thanksgiving, I figured – let’s do thanksgiving poutine!

Last week was dedicated to all the components of this recipe – so all we gotta do now is make our poutine!

Normally, poutine uses normal french fries, but you can’t have Thanksgiving without some sort of sweet potato dish! I’m not a huge fan of super sweet sweet potatoes, so these savory fries were perfect. We’ll start with a base of those oven-baked sweet potato fries Shrimpy made for us.

Then, the one traditional thing we made – my homemade squeaky cheese curds that I showed you in our very first Sushi Labs! I was seriously nervous about our very first Sushi Labs video, so I’m really so happy that you all enjoyed that!

Every poutine’s gotta have gravy! Obviously for a Thanksgiving poutine, it’s gotta be a turkey gravy, so we’re using that sweet maple turkey gravy that Shrimpy made for us.

Caramelized onions are a Thanksgiving thing, right? Something something green beans… okay fine, I just like caramelized onions because they’re delicious and sounded like they’d be tasty here. Shrimpy’s caramelized onions come next!

I didn’t want to do cranberry sauce because to be honest, I don’t love cranberry sauce enough to go out of my way to make some. But I definitely wanted that tartness to cut all the heaviness and sweetness from the other ingredients, so we’re using dried cranberries here.

And then of course – the most Thanksgiving thing, we’ve got to have some turkey! We shredded up the maple glazed turkey I made (once again, ignore that it’s actually a chicken), and scattered that over the poutine – don’t forget some of that bacon!

And voila – you’ve got thanksgiving poutine!

Thanksgiving Poutine

Cooking Directions
  1. Layer all ingredients, and dig in!

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