ice cream cake

Weekly Wanderings 2020/7

Been doing a slightly better job of getting out of the house this week.

a plant

Found a dino next to last week’s llama.

chalk dinosaur

I have our whole filming schedule planned out…

And then shishito peppers were available from Imperfect Foods (that’s an affiliate link – we’ll both get $10 off if you use it!) and I couldn’t NOT get shishito peppers because I love them so much.

And then of course I had to make something for our channel BUT when am I going to fit it into my tight schedule…

shishito peppers

So they’re going up like a month from now.

They were tasty though.

stems of eaten shishito peppers

Outdoors! Again!

What is this madness, leaving the house twice in a week.


Canned corn beef hash breakfast for dinner.

It’s a treat.

corned beef hash, fried egg, and arugula salad


prepared boba

Son was like, “today’s coconut day!”

iced turmeric pumpkin latte with coconut milk


iced turmeric pumpkin latte with coconut milk

I’m not ashamed of using silly food holidays as an excuse for tasty things.

iced turmeric pumpkin latte with coconut milk, with son behind the glass making a peace sign

Guess what’s going up tomorrow?

ice cream maker

Testing out recipes to reduce waste.

We’d planned to film this today but it’s HOT so we’ll film it whenever it’s not freaking 100F outside.

Did I mention we have no AC?

kombu being simmered in a shoyu sauce

Went for a drive. Gotta keep that car battery charged up.

reflection of sunset in the rearview mirror

Regrowing bok choy and it’s going absolutely nuts.

bok choy growing in a pot

Mom made an ice cream cake with homemade ice cream.

We exchanged a container of that ice cream we made above for a slice of the cake.

IT WAS A GOOD TRADE (for everyone involved!)

Neapolitan ice cream sandwich

Show me your freezer pics! Is yours as much of a mess as mine is?

a photo of my messy freezer

I’m currently melting and putting off any sort of filming because MY GOSH it is so hot in our house right now.

Hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend!