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Armenian food: baklava and lahmajoon

Missed the stream? Watch it on Twitch! It’s another viewer redemption! This time, one of our long-time viewers chose Armenian food. Ordinarily, I’d do a ton of research trying to learn about the country’s cuisine, and decide which recipe I wanted to make. However, this particular viewer is also a fellow cooking streamer – and

zambian spicy tilapia stew

Zambian food!

Missed the stream? Watch it on Twitch! It seems like all we do on stream these days are Cookbook Club recipes (we’re doing I Am a Filipino: And This Is How We Cook tomorrow!) and fishcoin redemptions – where users who have earned enough of the loyalty points that they automatically get for watching (“fishcoins”)


Citrus and dill gravalax

On Saturday’s stream, we started curing some citrus and dill gravalax – coated it with a salt, sugar, citrus zest, and dill mixture, wrapped it up, weighed it down, and stuck it in the fridge. Originally, the gravalax was supposed to be for our Christmas celebration – I had intended to serve it as a

caldo verde

Caldo verde, and citrus dill gravalax

Missed the stream? Watch it on Twitch! Even though it’s seemed like a warmer than usual fall/winter so far in LA, I’ve been unusually into soup this year. Most of my soup-cooking has happened off-stream – I’ve made creamy italian quinoa soup, roasted garlic chili white bean soup, and ham bones, greens, and beans soup

vegan ramen

Creamy miso vegan ramen

Missed the stream? Watch it on Twitch! For almost a year now, I’ve been promising to make vegan ramen for one of my friends, and keep failing to deliver. *facepalm* I’m a bad friend. But I finally found a time that worked for both of us, and got it on the schedule – definitely not

screenshot of Allison’s Twitch stream

10 things we’ve learned about community-building on Twitch

Last night, a newer Twitch cooking streamer asked us is we had any advice about growing a community. While our cooking stream isn’t particularly big, nor are we particularly successful as streamers, after eight months of streaming on Twitch apparently I have Some Thoughts on the matter. My response to him got a little long-winded

spring rolls

Vietnamese catfish spring rolls

Missed the stream? Watch it on Twitch! One of the things I like doing every once in a while on stream is going back to recipes I made on my blogs years ago, and trying them out again. Obviously we do that every Saturday, when we remake (and retake the photos) of old Sushiday sushi