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curry grilled cheese

Curry Grilled Cheese

Missed the stream? Watch it on Twitch! I love it when food holidays give me an excuse to make something that I might not ordinarily have on the menu. We don’t make grilled cheese sandwiches very often around here, but since today’s National Grilled Cheese Day, I had to make it happen, right? I decided

"Vampire Slayer" Ramen

“Vampire Slayer” Ramen

Missed the stream? Watch it on Twitch! RAMEN!!! I’ve been wanting to make ramen for years. Years and years and years. And ever since I started my Twitch cooking stream, it’s been one of the top things on my list of todos. It would’ve been easy to be paralyzed by “which one to make?”, or,

Duck Congee

We’re back! … and now, Sushiday is going LIVE!

My goodness, it’s been a while, hasn’t it. For a good long time, it probably seemed like this little old sushi blog was dead in the water – a lovely archive of sushi recipes, but no new recipes for years, no updates about my life, really nothing at all but a static site with a