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We’re back! … and now, Sushiday is going LIVE!

My goodness, it’s been a while, hasn’t it. For a good long time, it probably seemed like this little old sushi blog was dead in the water – a lovely archive of sushi recipes, but no new recipes for years, no updates about my life, really nothing at all but a static site with a decade-old design. Heck, although I still have a backlog of recipes that were never posted, even I thought the Sushiday blog was pretty much done for good.

But then, we started a new project that has given us reason to breathe life back into this little old blog. You may notice that we have a new design! And, slowly but surely, all of those old sushi posts are even going to get newer, better photos!

Tuna Temaki

So why are we doing this? It’s all because I’ve started a cooking stream on Twitch!

Five days a week, I turn on the lights, cameras, and mics, and livestream myself cooking all sorts of random recipes. Things like a whole roasted duck (we ate its brains and turned it into the most amazing congee), fish tacos (in which we accidentally deep-fried our camera… oops.), lots of kimchi, and so much sushi.

I’ve been streaming for the past two months, and it’s SO MUCH FUN. Not only is it the best excuse ever to cook all the things which I would’ve never been able to justify otherwise, it’s also taught me so much, and introduced me to the most wonderful community of viewers and other cooking streamers.

Roast Duck

So Sushiday… is pivoting, now. All the old recipes will still be there (and now we’re doing Sushi Saturdays to re-make and re-take all those old, terrible photos from the recipes I posted a decade ago!), but now Sushiday’s going to be so much more. I’ll be writing a post for every stream to share photos, the recording of the livestream, and recipes for everything I’m making – essentially show notes for my cooking stream. (This also means there’s going to be a bunch of back-dated posts going up, since I already have over two months of streaming under my belt now!) Sushiday is coming back to life, and I hope you’ll all stick around for this new adventure with me.

And if any of you want to come hang out with me while I’m livestreaming? You can create a Twitch account (it’s free!) and hit the follow button on my Twitch channel, and you’ll get notifications whenever I start a livestream. Or, just follow me on Twitter or Instagram – I almost always post on social media when I’m about to start a stream, so you can join and hang out in chat (or lurk quietly – that’s fine too!) whenever I’m streaming.

So welcome to the new Sushiday, everyone – I’m so happy to be back, and better than ever!

Kimchi Fried Rice

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