Caramelized Fig Ice Cream with Mascarpone and Honey Pistachios

The thing about having a YouTube cooking channel… is, OH DARN IT’S FIG SEASON, GUESS WE HAVE TO MAKE A BUNCH OF SEASONAL DISHES. Heh. Son said we should do more fig recipes “for search” and such, but I’m pretty sure he just wants an excuse for me to make more fig recipes. Sneaky man.

ice cream cake

Weekly Wanderings 2020/7

Been doing a slightly better job of getting out of the house this week. Found a dino next to last week’s llama. I have our whole filming schedule planned out… And then shishito peppers were available from Imperfect Foods (that’s an affiliate link – we’ll both get $10 off if you use it!) and I

Classic Adobo

Today we’ve got another cookbook redemption from busdriv3r! This time, he requested that we cook something from I Am A Filipino (and this is how we cook). There were a lot of things I wanted to make (I’ve made the sisig from this cookbook before and it’s AMAZING) but these days, we’re limited by the

Cucumber Tomato Salad

We’re gonna be makin’ some SUPER TASTY Filipino food in the next video, so ya boi Shrimpy is here to make this tasty cucumber and tomato salad that’s gonna go real good with it! It’s fresh and tangy and full of umami, and all the bright flavors go great with any sort of meat. Cucumber-Tomato

Incendiary Jalapeño Poppers

Mega Cat Studios reached out to me about their new video game that was coming out, called Bite the Bullet! If you follow our SushiCodes channel, you’ll know that Son and I are game devs, and also gamers. So we know how much work goes into launching a game, and therefore we are all about

breakfast sandwich

Weekly Wanderings 2020/6

We actually left the house this week! We went for one (1) short walk and found a llama. Still dancin’, still rehearsing to eventually give you some Just Dance videos! I KNOW everyone says don’t start a 3rd YT channel. But. I can’t help myself. I just really prefer having separation of content, EVEN if

Iced Pumpkin Turmeric Latte

It’s pumpkin season! If the rumors are true, Starbucks is bringing back the pumpkin spice latte today. Who’s ready for their PSL fix? I haven’t had a pumpkin spice latte in years, partially due to my poor body hating coffee, and partially because I’m less into super sweet drinks the older I get. However. I


Boba, bubble tea… whatever you call it, we love it! We’ll be posting a recipe for a boba drink next, but in the meantime I thought we’d have Shrimpy show you how to turn dried tapioca balls into restaurant-quality boba! Boba from The Boba Book Ingredients 2 cups filtered water, plus more as needed 1/4

Vietnamese Slow Cooker Chicken and Bok Choy

I. Love. Slow cooker recipes. I know everybody loves their Instant Pots, but even though I own one, I somehow missed that bandwagon. Pressure cookers still scare me… but if you have a favorite Instant Pot recipe that you think I should try, let me know! But… slow cookers. I love starting something in the