Sushi Labs, Ep. 1: Cheese Curds

Welcome to the first episode of our new show, Sushi Labs! We’re going to be making poutine very soon, so I figured – why not make my own cheese curds? … except I’ve never made cheese curds before, so let’s test this first. Off to the Sushi Labs to experiment with cheese! Cheese Curds from

Weekly Wanderings 2020/11

We’ve been so busy filming and working on videos all the time that I have no idea what day it is anymore. Almost forgot to post this week’s Weekly Wanderings! It’s been HOT again, so we’ve been surviving on daily ice cream. My mom made pistachio gelato, and we found some of this fig ice


A chewy crepe with a layer of egg, filled with a spicy dobanjiang peanut sauce, green onions, and kettle chips – we’re making jianbing today! We’d been up at 3:30 am to catch our flight from LAX to Portland. We took the train into downtown… and then got hopelessly lost, as the tall buildings interfered

Garlicky Salt n’ Pepper Shishito Peppers

What is your favorite bar food? I’m not much of a bar person – I don’t really drink – but I love the concept of bar food. Tasty, greasy, sometimes spicy, snackable foods. I particularly love izakayas – bar food, but make it Japanese. Edamame, karaage, sashimi, tebasaki, yakitori… y’all can keep your booze, I’m


It’s mooncake season!!! We made the salted egg yolks. Shrimpy made our fillings. And now, it’s what you’ve been waiting for… time to make the mooncakes! We are using a recipe from Omnivore’s Cookbook, which I’ve used several times with good results. We are going to start with a bit of golden syrup. Mine is

Weekly Wanderings 2020/10

This week has pretty much been dedicated to mooncakes. Cooking mooncakes… Editing mooncake videos… Eating mooncakes! Snail on a wall. Been eating lots of poutine. Not mad. I’m gonna have to make the cheese curds again soon so OH DARN MORE POUTINE. Breakfast sandwich! We’re really enjoying Going Under, and we’ve been playing it a

Mooncake Fillings

Now that we’ve made our salted egg yolks, the question is – what filling to make for our mooncakes? Mung bean, azuki bean, and lotus seed pastes are some of the most common fillings, and I love them all. Personally, I’m especially partial to lotus seed – which is your favorite? But I’ve also seen

Joblin Spice Latte

A few months ago, on our SushiCodes channel, we played a bunch of game demos during the Steam Game Festival. One of our favorites was a game called Going Under – a satirical roguelite dungeon crawler, where you’re a new intern at a failing startup. Your first task is to clear out the Joblins who

Salted Egg Yolks

A little over a week from now is this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, or Moon Festival. The actual date is different every year, but this year it will fall on October 1st. If you know me, or follow me on Instagram (I’m @sushiday!) then you’ll know by now that I love mooncakes. Every year around this