Incendiary Jalapeño Poppers

Mega Cat Studios reached out to me about their new video game that was coming out, called Bite the Bullet! If you follow our SushiCodes channel, you’ll know that Son and I are game devs, and also gamers. So we know how much work goes into launching a game, and therefore we are all about

breakfast sandwich

Weekly Wanderings 2020/6

We actually left the house this week! We went for one (1) short walk and found a llama. Still dancin’, still rehearsing to eventually give you some Just Dance videos! I KNOW everyone says don’t start a 3rd YT channel. But. I can’t help myself. I just really prefer having separation of content, EVEN if

Iced Pumpkin Turmeric Latte

It’s pumpkin season! If the rumors are true, Starbucks is bringing back the pumpkin spice latte today. Who’s ready for their PSL fix? I haven’t had a pumpkin spice latte in years, partially due to my poor body hating coffee, and partially because I’m less into super sweet drinks the older I get. However. I


Boba, bubble tea… whatever you call it, we love it! We’ll be posting a recipe for a boba drink next, but in the meantime I thought we’d have Shrimpy show you how to turn dried tapioca balls into restaurant-quality boba! Boba from The Boba Book Ingredients 2 cups filtered water, plus more as needed 1/4

Vietnamese Slow Cooker Chicken and Bok Choy

I. Love. Slow cooker recipes. I know everybody loves their Instant Pots, but even though I own one, I somehow missed that bandwagon. Pressure cookers still scare me… but if you have a favorite Instant Pot recipe that you think I should try, let me know! But… slow cookers. I love starting something in the

jalapeno poppers

Weekly Wanderings 2020/5

This week’s been a little more varied. We’re building up a good backlog of recorded videos, so I’m finding time to paint my nails, do some game dev… it’s been nice. Our neighbors installed a super bright floodlight that the neighborhood critters tend to trigger. I don’t mind though, the shadows that it makes through


What is your culture’s dumpling? I am a huge fan of all dumplings, but as someone who’s half-Japanese, my culture’s dumplings are gyoza. Imagine – it’s a chilly, rainy night in Tokyo. Finally, after a 10+ hour flight, and another hour-long train ride into the city from Narita airport, you’ve made it to your hotel

Dumpling Dipping Sauce

Last time we made dumpling wrappers. Next time we’re making gyoza. But you can’t have gyoza without a good dipping sauce! This is savory and tangy and just the slightest bit spicy. If you have chili crisp, the oil from that would be EXCELLENT here – the garlicky flavor is so good. Stay tuned for

Homemade dumpling wrappers

Later this week Allison’s going to be making some gyoza, but today we’re bringing you her brand new sous chef – Shrimpy! You can absolutely use store-bought gyoza wrappers, but today Shrimpy’s here to teach you how to make them from scratch! We’re using a recipe from Andrea Nguyen’s Asian Dumplings cookbook, which is our