Loco Moco Gravy

We’ve got some loco moco coming up soon, so ya boi Shrimpy is here to show you how to prep the gravy! Loco Moco Gravy from Aloha Kitchen Ingredients 1 1/2 tbsp neutral oil 3/4 medium maui or yellow onion, sliced into 1/2″ wedges 8 oz cremini mushrooms, cleaned and sliced salt and freshly ground


We’ve got another busdriv3r cookbook redemption! This time, he requested that we make something from Japanese Soul Cooking I’m always down for Japanese food, and it was a tough decision! But one dish that I LOVE and will happily take any opportunity to make is okonomiyaki. Okonomi means “how you like” and yaki means “grilled”,

Weekly Wanderings 2020/8

This week was a weird one. It started out so hot that even in a dark room inside the house, chocolate was melting. (I had to take the laptop and escape to a cooler part of the house!) And then it got so terribly smoky outside that the temperatures cooled way down. Love the cooler

Kombu Tsukudani

As someone who is Japanese-American, and makes Japanese food often, I make dashi on a fairly regular basis. I love dashi. I love using dashi. I hate that I always end up using the kombu once (mayyybe twice) and then throw it away. It seems like such a waste for a perfectly good product! So


We’ll be using dashi in an upcoming recipe, so Shrimpy is here to show you how to make it from scratch! Ordinarily you’d discard the kombu after using it for dashi, but we’ll be posting a recipe that shows how to use used kombu for a side dish, coming up soon! Dashi from Japanese Soul

Caramelized Fig Ice Cream with Mascarpone and Honey Pistachios

The thing about having a YouTube cooking channel… is, OH DARN IT’S FIG SEASON, GUESS WE HAVE TO MAKE A BUNCH OF SEASONAL DISHES. Heh. Son said we should do more fig recipes “for search” and such, but I’m pretty sure he just wants an excuse for me to make more fig recipes. Sneaky man.

ice cream cake

Weekly Wanderings 2020/7

Been doing a slightly better job of getting out of the house this week. Found a dino next to last week’s llama. I have our whole filming schedule planned out… And then shishito peppers were available from Imperfect Foods (that’s an affiliate link – we’ll both get $10 off if you use it!) and I

Classic Adobo

Today we’ve got another cookbook redemption from busdriv3r! This time, he requested that we cook something from I Am A Filipino (and this is how we cook). There were a lot of things I wanted to make (I’ve made the sisig from this cookbook before and it’s AMAZING) but these days, we’re limited by the

Cucumber Tomato Salad

We’re gonna be makin’ some SUPER TASTY Filipino food in the next video, so ya boi Shrimpy is here to make this tasty cucumber and tomato salad that’s gonna go real good with it! It’s fresh and tangy and full of umami, and all the bright flavors go great with any sort of meat. Cucumber-Tomato