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Stir-fried udon with pork

If you could have any superpower, which one would you choose? Flying does seem like a lot of fun, but if I really had to choose just one, I would go for invisibility. But I would be the most boring invisible person ever. I wouldn’t be like creeping on people, because that’s just really not

French Flag Kazari Sushi

I love traveling. I hate trying to find shoes for traveling. Does anyone else have this problem? I feel like you can never find the perfect pair of shoes for a trip because when you’re traveling, you’re walking so much more than you do in day-to-day life. So the shoes that work for everyday stuff

Japanese Flag Sushi

If I had to choose one thing to import from Japanese culture into American culture, it would be the konbini. Konbini, or Japanese convenience stores – which, you think 7-11, and they do have 7-11 konbinis in Japan, but the difference is, in Japan, you can go to a 7-11, you can get a full

Greens and Beans Soup

What are your favorite cozy things to do when it gets cold? Here in LA, it’s finally getting to fall temperatures in the 50s and 40s. It’s breezy and cold and I am ready for all the cozy things. I’ve been making so much soup this year. I’m bringing out the extra blankets, turning on

Golden Fried Rice with Salmon and Furikake

When I was a kid, I was part of a Girl Scout Troop. Every year, we’d go to a winter camp, where we’d go up to the snow and stay in cabins. There was this big lodge where we would gather for meals, but we would also play games, play pool, stuff like that. One

Banana chocolate-chip muffins

I love bananas, but I don’t tend to buy them very often. Because… fruit flies. They always attract fruit flies. But every once in a while I’ll buy them because maybe there’s another recipe, or they’re on sale, or they just sounded really really good… and of course I never eat them up in time

Seven Treasures Roll

What do you treasure in life – aside from living beings because you know, we all treasure our parents, our friends, our partner, our pets… but what are the things in life that you treasure? For me… I treasure peace and quiet. I treasure snuggly blankets. I treasure the internet because it can be a

Pink and green triangle kazari sushi

Most of my life I thought of myself as not a creative person. There’s so many times I’ve said, oh, I’m just not creative enough for that. Oh, that’s so cool that other people are doing that, but I’m just not creative. And for me, it felt like the truth. I didn’t have that many

Glasses kazari sushi

I really love the trend of better representation in media, because stereotypes are just such a weird thing. They’re weird for people who fit the stereotype, because then they get pigeonholed and they’re only allowed to be that one thing. But it also sucks for people who don’t fit the stereotype, because it feels like,