Glasses kazari sushi

I really love the trend of better representation in media, because stereotypes are just such a weird thing.

They’re weird for people who fit the stereotype, because then they get pigeonholed and they’re only allowed to be that one thing.

But it also sucks for people who don’t fit the stereotype, because it feels like, am I allowed to be this thing if I don’t look a certain way, if I don’t act a certain way?

Me, I’m a nerd, I’m not a dude with glasses but I’m totally a nerd.

I’m programmer, I geek out about science, I love math, I read science fiction and fantasy all the freaking time.

By all ways of looking at it, I am absolutely a nerd but I don’t fit that stereotype.

So a lot of the time I felt like I don’t fit in enough to be considered a nerd.

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