White flower kazari sushi

Back when I was dancing as a teenager, I used to have a tradition for every show.

On the first night of the show, my mom and I would stop at a flower shop on the way to the theater and we would pick up a huge bouquet of carnations.

And then when we got to the theater everyone would get one. Every dancer, every teacher, the costumers, the stagehands… everybody gets a flower as kind of a thank you for putting together the show.

I loved getting carnations for everybody but oddly enough, my favorite flower that you kind of get any time you get carnations is those baby’s breath that came with it.

I don’t know what it is about them that they’re so delicate, but I just love them so much. So I would kind of keep those for myself.

Everybody else gets a carnation, but the baby’s breath… those are for me.

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