Pink and green triangle kazari sushi

Most of my life I thought of myself as not a creative person.

There’s so many times I’ve said, oh, I’m just not creative enough for that. Oh, that’s so cool that other people are doing that, but I’m just not creative.

And for me, it felt like the truth.

I didn’t have that many opportunities to be really really creative.

In dancing, it was always doing somebody else’s choreography. With programming, yes, you could be creative with solutions, but you’re kind of always given a specific problem to solve and then you have to figure out how to solve it, so it’s not really go create anything that you want to create.

And the thing with the sushi is I am all of a sudden getting the opportunity to be super super creative on a daily basis.

I have to be so so so creative and when you’re given that opportunity‚Ķ all of a sudden the creativity begins to flow.

Weird, that.

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