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Four Seas Roll

Ooooh, we’re gettin’ fancy! We have graduated from simple shapes, and now we’re making the kind of kazari sushi where you’re actually cutting rolls, rearranging them, and making things just a tad bit more complicated! I used some tamago for the center, because that’s really easy to cut into a long square that will fit


Since I have started doing sushi videos every single day, I figured I should do a quick video to show you how I make tamago, which is that Japanese egg omelette. Start with a couple of eggs. I like to mix in some mirin and some shoyu (which is soy sauce). Mix that all until

Tamago Teardrop

We’ve graduated from cucumber and it is time for tamago! I’m always a little self-conscious when people ask me for recipes for things like tamago or sushi rice, because honestly? Most of the time I don’t use measurements, I just kind of estimate. Sushi rice is too sour? Add a little more sugar. And bloop

Monster Bars

I’m one of those people who LOVE candy corn. I don’t have a huge sweet tooth so I can’t eat a lot, but I gotta have it every year! This year, I wanted to make something with candy corn – and these monster bars were the perfect idea! They’re simple as can be, and were

Cucumber flower sushi

There are few things guaranteed in life. Death, taxes, and me chronically misestimating my sushi rolls. I have been making sushi for FOURTEEN GOSH FREAKING YEARS and they still end up lopsided EVERY SINGLE TIME. Like, seriously, go look at the archives on my blog, so many of the sushi pictures are quite obviously lopsided.

Triangle Kappa Maki

Kazari sushi, attempt number two! I’m trying to shape it into a triangle this time, and you know, this is a lot harder than it looks. This is why, on social media and everywhere, I’m always pushing the idea of making and sharing your “shitty art”. It would be super easy to just get frustrated

Square Kappa Maki

I just can’t get away from sushi. Every time I start a new project, it always comes back to sushi. So… uh… heh. We’re doing sushi again. This time around, my husband had the idea to do kazari sushi. This is the kind of sushi where it’s rolled so that when you slice it, you