Black and white triangle kazari makizushi

Growing up, I didn’t really wear makeup except for the occasional dance show or Halloween.

But the older I’ve gotten, the more makeup kind of feels like a shield against the world.

Oh, well, I have to wear it because I’m going to look washed out if I’m filming and I’m not wearing makeup.

Oh, well, now I feel like I have to because last time I showed up without makeup, somebody asked me if I was sick. Thanks.

So it’s become more and more of a necessity – something that oh, well, it’s a requirement.

I’m going to look terrible without makeup. I look tired and childish and washed out and just eugh.

But the other day I was like, oh, well, I can’t film the sushi stuff because I don’t have makeup on, like I look terrible and my husband was like you look fine. You’re cute without makeup. It’s okay. You don’t look ugly. It’s alright.

So this is me with no makeup, and the world hasn’t ended.

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