Hot Pink Flower Kazari Sushi

I was one of those girls growing up who hated the color pink.

I would not buy anything pink. I would not wear pink, except for ballet, because you really can’t avoid it there, but given a choice I’d rather wear that purple leotard – not the pink one. Give me the black tights – not the pink.

But pink, the poor color, it gets such a bad rap.

It’s associated with femininity, which is seen as weakness.

It’s associated with girliness, which is just too prissy.

But there’s really nothing wrong with any of that.

As I’ve grown up… you always hear about people being very comfortable in their masculinity. Well, I’ve had to become more comfortable in my femininity and see that it’s not a bad thing.

It’s okay to be a woman.

It’s okay to be feminine.

It’s okay to like these things that are portrayed as weak, but they’re really, really not.

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