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Ham Nigiri

<p>I know Easter was over a week ago so most of you probably don't have any ham left, but if you do this is a great way to use it! (Or you could go out and buy some right now! :D) This is a simple version of nigiri, and doesn't go bad nearly as quickly as fish does, plus it's a great option for kids or those who prefer to avoid fish!

spinach dip

Spinach Dip

Okay, so it’s not sushi, but I promise I’ll have more sushi up this weekend! Since you have all been so great and asked nicely, here is the spinach dip recipe I promised! It is so much better than any other spinach dip recipe I have tried! Ever since I was little I have always

Gunkan Maki

<p>Gunkan maki, also known as Battleship maki, is a common, more traditional type of sushi. It is topped with masago (fish eggs, larger than tobiko, which is what was used on the <a href="">Boston Roll</a>), so it is very salty.</p>

unagi philly roll

Unagi Philly Roll

In a time long, long past, one of our readers suggested a roll that combines unagi (eel) and cream cheese. (Okay so it was only 4 months ago, but that’s almost SushiDay’s entire lifetime!) We finally got around to trying it, and Son and I definitely agree – it’s really good! It tastes very similar

unagi ma-kiwi

Unagi Ma-Kiwi

A while ago when we make the New Zealand Roll, one of our readers suggested we try making an unagi roll with kiwifruit on top (rather than a California roll with kiwifruit on top, which is what the New Zealand Roll is.) He was right… the roll turned out wonderfully! Son really liked it, and

fiesta roll

Fiesta Roll

According to Son, this roll “tastes like a seaweed-wrapped burrito”. It’s a good roll, although I think it’s better to expect the taste of a burrito rather than the taste of sushi. Dimora e-mailed me the idea for this roll… although I changed a few things, I think her version looks much better! When you

Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

<p>Every once in a while, I'll be making something aside from sushi (yes, I do cook aside from sushi! :) ) and think, "hey, this might taste good in a maki roll!" Actually, <a href="">Son</a> said that, but it still resulted in a great tasting roll! I make bacon-wrapped asparagus every now and then, because Son loves it (as do I) and it's a delicious way to get more vegetables (of course

summer breeze sushi

Summer Breeze Sushi

<p>This is a very pretty roll, with the alternating stripes of cucumber and avocado. You might like to keep the tails of the shrimp on for decoration (like we did), just make sure that you don't eat them!</p>

godzilla roll

Godzilla Roll

<p>This is a very simple roll, but still interesting due to the flavors of the teriyaki sauce and hot sauce. You can also use hoisin sauce in place of the teriyaki sauce if you don't have any teriyaki sauce, and it will still taste good! :)</p>