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Maki sushi is probably the most well known type of sushi in the U.S. It consists of a layer of nori surrounding a layer of rice surrounding the fillings in the middle, all rolled into a cylinder and then cut into several smaller slices. The most well known type of maki sushi is the California Roll.

breakfast roll

Breakfast Roll

I can’t start my day without breakfast. I get cranky, and lightheaded, and, well, it’s not a pretty picture. For me, breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day (unlike some other people, who refuse to eat breakfast!) So, since certain people refuse to believe my diet consists of anything other than sushi,

bulgogi roll

Bulgogi Roll

Son and I love Korean food. He is sure to get the hot tofu soup (extra spicy!), and I never fail to get the bulgogi (BBQ beef). When the waiter comes out with a burning hot plate, the beef is smoking and onions are still sizzling. You can see the sugars in the onions caramelizing,

beach grill maki

Beach Grill Maki

Imagine walking along the beach on a bright summer day. The cool salt water rushes in to swirl around your ankles, then races away playfully. A slight breeze brings a whiff of salty ocean air. You hear seagulls squawking all around you. The taste of the briny ocean air is on your lips as you

Mango Tuna Tango

<p>Since I posted here last, two weeks ago, life has been crazy. I went to an amazing dinner for my brother's cancer center where he got honored (I wish I had been able to document the food there! I think that might have been just a little tacky though, so I didn't.), I graduated (yay!), I performed in and helped run a show with my old dance school (busy busy busy!) and

Pepper Tuna Roll

<p>The most wonderful thing happened to me the other day. I took my very last final. Ever. Yes, that's right, I'm finished with school. Graduation is this weekend, and then I never have to be back here, ever! (Unless I really want to. But then it's by choice, not because I have to for my degree.) </p> <p>Unfortunately, that means I will be extremely busy during the next

Guns and Roll

<p>Today, I cannot think of a single thing to write for you. I'm in the middle of finals, so I'm going to blame it on stress and studying. Don't worry, I have a recipe for you, but in lieu of trying to write more about it, I'm going to do another meme that I've been putting off. <a href="">Ellen Wilson</a> splatted me with a <a href="">meme tomato</a> a month ago (don't

jumpin jackfish roll

Jumpin’ Jackfish Roll

You might think the name of this roll is a little weird. Why name it the “Jumpin’ Jackfish Roll”? Well, let me explain. The inclusion of jalapeños and togarashi make the roll more than a little spicy, so it’s definitely “jumpin'”! And as I mentioned in my Yellowtail Nigiri post, yellowtail is actually a type

queen of the tom tom roll

Queen of the Tom Tom Roll

I haven’t the slightest idea how this roll got it’s name. I did a search for “Queen of the Tom Tom”, and the only results I got were my pictures of the roll on flickr, and the restaurant menu where the roll originated. To me, it sounds like the name of either a ship or

baja california roll

Baja California Roll

I’ve lived in Southern California all my life. So you would think that I might have driven a few hours south to go party it up at Tiajuana or something. Nope. Never ever in my entire life have I crossed an international border! Kind of sad, if you think about it… all the different regional