“Vampire Slayer” Ramen

“Vampire Slayer” Ramen

Missed the stream? Watch it on Twitch! RAMEN!!! I’ve been wanting to make ramen for years. Years and years and years. And ever since I started my Twitch cooking stream, it’s been one of the top things on my list of todos. It would’ve been easy to be paralyzed by “which one to make?”, or,

Duck Congee

We’re back! … and now, Sushiday is going LIVE!

My goodness, it’s been a while, hasn’t it. For a good long time, it probably seemed like this little old sushi blog was dead in the water – a lovely archive of sushi recipes, but no new recipes for years, no updates about my life, really nothing at all but a static site with a

Sushi Cake

Happy tenth birthday, Sushi Day!

Ten years ago, I was only twenty years old. Ten years ago, I was known as “the ballerina” to everyone who knew me, even though I never quite danced professionally. Ten years ago, I was in the midst of college, trying to figure out what to do with my life – should I become a

Spicy Tofu Roll

Spicy Tofu Roll

I’ve been a big fan of Marisa Baggett for quite some time now. (We sushi ladies stick together!) I loved her first book, Sushi Secrets – so when I heard she was coming out with a second, vegetarian sushi cookbook… I was definitely excited. Then she reached out to me about a year ago, asking

Curry Mayonnaise

One batch of this is way, way more than you need for a batch of the spicy tofu rolls from Marisa Baggett’s Vegetarian Sushi Secrets. However, you should definitely still make a full batch. Because if you’re anything like me, you will find yourself addicted to this amazing curry mayonnaise, and start putting it on

Faux Roe Boats

Faux Roe “Boats”

Roe, roe, roe your boat… These “Faux Roe Boats”, or gunkan maki, are a fun sushi to make, and easier than normal rolled sushi – perfect for beginners! Recipe from Vegetarian Sushi Secrets by Marisa Baggett, out today! Ingredients 1 1/2 cups sushi rice Six 4×7-in (10×18-cm) nori sheets 1/2 cup (130 g) faux roe

Faux Roe

When I first saw the recipe list from Marisa Baggett’s new cookbook, Vegetarian Sushi Secrets, this Faux Roe recipe jumped out at me. How did she manage to create something that looks so similar to real fish roe, and yet is vegetarian? Well now I know – amaranth! This grain is one of those “superfoods”

Vegetarian Dashi

Vegetarian Dashi

Even though I am by no means vegetarian, I have a tendency to make vegetarian dashi far more than the normal dashi that uses bonito flakes. I especially like this version – nice and simple to make! Recipe from Vegetarian Sushi Secrets by Marisa Baggett, out today! Ingredients 3 cups (750 ml) cool water 2

spicy mushroom inari

Spicy Mushroom Inari

Every few months, Son and I go out to eat KBBQ with some of his old coworkers. Charred meat, a huge variety of banchan, your clothes smelling like KBBQ all the way home… what’s not to love? Unless, of course, you’re the one vegetarian of the group, who always gets stuck in the corner, marinating