screenshot of Allison’s Twitch stream

10 things we’ve learned about community-building on Twitch

Last night, a newer Twitch cooking streamer asked us is we had any advice about growing a community. While our cooking stream isn’t particularly big, nor are we particularly successful as streamers, after eight months of streaming on Twitch apparently I have Some Thoughts on the matter. My response to him got a little long-winded

spring rolls

Vietnamese catfish spring rolls

Missed the stream? Watch it on Twitch! One of the things I like doing every once in a while on stream is going back to recipes I made on my blogs years ago, and trying them out again. Obviously we do that every Saturday, when we remake (and retake the photos) of old Sushiday sushi


Ukoy (Filipino shrimp cakes)

Missed the stream? Watch it on Twitch! Today was a very, very special day on our Twitch stream: Son’s Twitch debut! While he’s been the voice behind the camera ever since we started, he has never once (purposely) shown his face on stream. Until today. Since it was not only his first time on camera


Jajangmyeon (Korean black bean noodles)

Missed the stream? Watch it on Twitch! In today’s stream, we had our very first fishcoin reward stream! A little background about fishcoins, since I haven’t mentioned them on the blog before: If you watch my stream live, you earn a point for every ten minutes you watch. There are ways to play games or

banh tieu

Banh Tieu (Vietnamese Doughnuts)

Missed the stream? Watch it on Twitch! (Part 2 is here.) Today is National Doughnut Day! I wanted to do something a little out of the ordinary, especially since it’s our first stream back after a two week break. And while I adore doughnuts of all sorts, I don’t love the idea of having two

thai green curry

Thai Green Curry

Missed the stream? Watch it on Twitch! Every now and then people ask me, how do I come up with the menu I make on stream? Sometimes there’s a food holiday that sounds tasty, so I use it as an excuse. Sometimes there’s an actual holiday with tasty food I want to make. Sometimes, I’m

pan-banging chocolate chip cookies

Pan-Banging Chocolate Chip Cookies

Missed the stream? Watch it on Twitch! As I’ve mentioned before, I always love the excuse of food holidays when they’re for something I really want to make. Case in point, today’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! So of course, chocolate chip cookies were on the menu. (Plus, it’s our 13-year anniversary of our first

garlic shrimp

Head-on, garlic-fried shrimp

Missed the stream? Watch it on Twitch! Yesterday, May 10th, was National Shrimp Day! I don’t celebrate all food holidays… but when I do, it’s because I want a good excuse to make something I want to eat. Like shrimp. You’ve all probably guessed by now that we really love garlic around here. So it’s