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The sushi rolling mat is a small mat made of bamboo which is used to roll and squeeze maki sushi into tight rolls. Preparing it will help keep the mat clean, so you don’t have to try to clean all of the rice off of it (which believe me, is quite a pain!)

Preparing the Sushi Rolling Mat
  1. Lay out a piece of plastic wrap twice the length of the bamboo mat. The plastic wrap should be oriented so that the short side is near you. Lay the bamboo mat on the center of the plastic wrap, oriented the little bamboo sticks that make up the mat are parallel to the short end of the plastic wrap. Preparing Rolling Mat
  2. Fold the bottom end of the plastic wrap over the bamboo mat. Preparing Rolling Mat
  3. Fold the top end of the plastic wrap over the bamboo mat, pressing to make sure it sticks to the part that has already been folded over. Preparing Rolling Mat
  4. Fold the corners in little triangles, so they don’t stick out.Preparing Rolling Mat
  5. Fold the two sides in, making sure they stick to the plastic wrap that has already been folded in. Preparing Rolling Mat
  6. Turn over so the folded parts are down, and start rolling your sushi! Preparing Rolling Mat
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