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Happy Birthday, Sushi Day – Hajime’s Hotate, and a Contest

Three years. 200 posts. 2000+ comments. 500,000 visitors. 1.5 million pageviews. It’s been quite a ride, here on Sushi Day. There have been some great posts and some complete and total flops (that still get angry comments!), we’ve all learned a lot and there have been some amazing opportunities that have come from this blog. Such as that dinner at Mashiko, where this creation comes from. Technically it’s not sushi, as there’s no sumeshi involved… but it’s easily one of my favorite sashimi creations I’ve ever had. Obviously, I had to share it with you.

But when it all comes down to it, it’s really you guys who make Sushi Day what it is. I could post every day, but if nobody read, nobody commented… I’d be nowhere. So today, on Sushi Day’s third birthday, I want to give back to you guys, with a contest.

I’m giving away 3 sushi kits – each includes a rolling mat, a package of nori, a bottle of sushi vinegar, a bottle of shoyu, and a tube of wasabi. (Actual items may be slightly different from those pictured.) Everything you need to make sushi at home… all you need to provide is the rice, the fillings, and a few sushi lovers. And heck, I’ll even throw in a Sushi Day shirt – any size you want – for the winners.

All you have to do to enter the contest is leave a comment on this post by 11:59pm PST on November 7th, 2009. That’s a week from now. And if you want a second entry, just tweet about this contest with a link to this post, then come back here and leave a link to your tweet in a second comment. Then I’ll randomly pick the winners, and announce them a week from today.

And if you don’t win? I’ll put the sushi kits in our store a week from today, so you can purchase one for yourself.

  • 6 sashimi-grade scallops
  • 1 cup crab
  • 1 tbsp mayonnaise
  • 1 tsp Sriracha sauce
  • 6 slices prosciutto
  • 1/2 avocado
  • tobiko
Cooking Directions
  1. Slice each scallop in half, like you’re cutting open a sandwich roll.
  2. Mix the crab, mayonnaise, and Sriracha sauce.
  3. Cut the avocado in half, discarding the pit.
  4. Use a large spoon to scoop the avocado out of the hard skin, being careful to keep the avocado half as whole as possible.
  5. Slice the avocado into slices, and then in half width-wise.
  6. Place one half of each scallop on a plate.
  7. Pile a small scoop of the crab mix on the scallop half.
  8. Top with the second half of the scallop.
  9. Wrap a slice of prosciutto around the circumference of the scallop/crab sandwich.
  10. Top with two half-slices of avocado and a dollop of tobiko.
  11. Enjoy!

51 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sushi Day – Hajime’s Hotate, and a Contest”

  1. Darryl -

    Want to change the complexity of the taste to Hajime’s Hotate? Sear the Scallops slightly on the top and bottom. Change the ham out to a Prosciutto (or Jamon Iberico Cebo/Bellota ($$$)). The combination of oils from the mayonnaise, avocado, and ham fat, and the crab/scallop flavors will OVERWHELM your taste buds!

  2. Kiera -

    So glad to see you’re back! There was a sushi sized hole in my google reader 😀

    Even if I don’t win, I’ll be buying a shirt anyway. I lurves them, and I keep meaning to!

    Now that I have a real house and will be getting some series pantry room, it’s time for me to start stocking up on some japanese cooking items. If only you were offering some dashi– I have no idea where to buy it!

    Anyway, welcome back!!

  3. Rebecca -

    Happy birthday sushi day. I love reading your work as I find it inspiring. I don’t make sushi often (maybe once a month or less); but when I do I always start at your site to figure out what I need to buy.

    A while back a friend called saying he’d bought sushi vinegar and wanted to know how to use it (he’d added 2-3 tbsp to 1 cup of rice and found the taste was pretty bland). I’d never even heard of the stuff before. When I made sushi for him he was surprised at the stack of ingredients I brought, but delighted with the meal.

    Thanks for posting more often.

  4. Katrina -

    Glad you’re back! So much inspiration, education and yumminess packed into one site. Can’t wait to see what future creations will be.

  5. Warren -

    Every time you tweet a new story from both here and on Fridgg, it makes me hungry. I haven’t yet made sushi at home, but I just got a new rice cooker. I’m sure my attempts won’t look nearly as mouth-watering as your results. Nevertheless, its always fun to try.

    Congrats on three years!

  6. Halifax -

    Congratulations on blog anniversary. I love sushi but need to learn how to make it myself. Thanks for the giveaway

  7. Dom -

    Happy third blogday. I need to make that Scallop sushi for my life. Especially since family is coming soon for thanksgiving so this would be a real treat.

  8. Thas -

    Love the site, helped me learn to make sushi at home and good recipes. I could use a new mat, too. I bought a new sushi knife and first time I used it, sliced open my finder and bled all over the mat before I realized it. 🙂

  9. Anj Kay -

    My sister tried to make me sushi before and it was a disaster. She used canned tuna, plain instant white rice, and a nori wrapper. That’s it. No mayo, no avocado, no vinegar. It was horrible and I tried to eat it, but well… even my drowning it in soy sauce and wasabi did nothing to help the blandness.
    But at least she tried, right? I’ve since sent her to this website, but she hasn’t gotten up the nerve to try making anything.

  10. Sheila S -

    I have tried this version before with crispy bacon and found the bacon flavor too over-powering of the scallop. Even though bacon is yummy I wanted to taste all the flavors. I think the ham will be more subtle and will behaving this for lunch today as I have some scallops waiting to be used up from the weekend! Thanks for all your great ideas – shushi never gets boring!! Not even the old stand-bys! Thanks to your extra infusion of character to each recipe.

  11. Debbie -

    I love your site. Look forward to seeing email to look at the gorgeous pics of sushi and new recipes and ideas. I would love a mat My ex bought me a sushi maker at a fair it was plastic. And now has broke in half like him…hehehe lol. I use saran wrap it’s tuff. I love making sushi, I live here in Seattle and saw you visited up here, ohh yeah the salmon and seafood and the Wajimias store in china town sooo cool. Anyway happy sushi making to all, Happy Holidays.

  12. stef -

    nice site, i like to get some inspiration from here. by the way i have a sushi bar in Cumbuco, Brrazil, working great so if you pass by one day you’ll eat for free 😉

    ok i’m not trying to win hehehehe


  13. gwenny -

    Your sushi looks so luscious my mouth waters while I look at their photos. I just love sushi to the max!

    Thank you so much for sharing and God Bless you with more years here ;p

  14. Mai -

    I think that you’re really talented in making sushi, and that your recipes look amazing. I have tried to make sushi and have only been successful about 1/4 of the time. I look forward to more delicious recipes. 🙂

  15. Anonymous -

    Yay! I’m so glad to see you posting again. I have switched my sushi efforts to sustainable sushi all because of your blog. It’s really informative and made me horribly aware of the overfishing going on. You are a great writer and I always look forward to new blog posts and Son’s photos!

  16. Mandy -

    So glad to see you back Allison! I love seeing all the different rolls you come up with, and can’t wait to start replicating my own 🙂

  17. RothRandom -

    That has got to be one of the wildest sushi recipes I have ever seen. But you’re recipes do help me get inspiration to make sushi.

  18. Claudine -

    happy birthday sushi day! 🙂
    i really enjoy your beautiful creations.
    thanks so much for doing this contest.

  19. Darren -

    Wearing my sushiday tshirt has gotten me more first dates than any other article of clothing I currently own. Sadly, I don’t get too many 2nd dates once they find out that I am made of a molten core of evil. Meh, the food is always good 😀

  20. Larry -

    I also love this web site – although I’m more of a sushi voyeur. Your new post is inspiring my to finally learn to make the tasty treats that I’ve been droolling over for so long. Thanks!

  21. Kathy Shedd -

    Omg! tonight, I am trying my first try at making sushi at home- your site has been an amazing help and the pictures are making my mouth water!!!!!
    Congrats on your 3rd birthday Sushi day!!!!
    Keep on Rollin’!!!!

  22. Kathy Shedd -

    Omg! I just recently tried sushi for the first time-I was amazed & have CRAVED it everyday since!
    Tonight, I am trying my first try at making sushi at home- your site has been an amazing help and the pictures are making my mouth water!!!!!
    Congrats on your 3rd birthday Sushi day!!!!
    Keep on Rollin’!!!!

  23. Sara -

    i absolutely love your site, and more importantly your sushi!! i get all excited to make some whenever i see you post something new…haha, like now!
    thanks for such great recipes, photos, and inspiration 🙂

  24. Michel Bartolone -

    I recently started making my own sushi at home with information from this site. It is wonderfully helpful, and allows me to have some sushi which I would not be able
    to have if I had to go out…

  25. dChen -

    I was able to make california maki today just on my own but when I saw this post I found out several other sushi that I can make. But the lack of stuff here is just a pain to look for in stores. Wonderful post about sushi BTW.