Month: April 2007

Apex Roll

<p>This roll was originally called something else, but since I wanted to keep SushiDay family friendly, I changed the name to something different, but technically meaning the same thing. Im sure you can guess what the original name was... but I'm not telling you if you can't. :P Keeping things PG-rated here :D</p>

Unagi-Philly-Cali Roll

<p>The best of both rolls: unagi and cream cheese from the <a href="">Unagi Philly Roll</a>, and avocado and imitation crab from the <a href="">California Roll</a>.</p>

Ham Nigiri

<p>I know Easter was over a week ago so most of you probably don't have any ham left, but if you do this is a great way to use it! (Or you could go out and buy some right now! :D) This is a simple version of nigiri, and doesn't go bad nearly as quickly as fish does, plus it's a great option for kids or those who prefer to avoid fish!

spinach dip

Spinach Dip

Okay, so it’s not sushi, but I promise I’ll have more sushi up this weekend! Since you have all been so great and asked nicely, here is the spinach dip recipe I promised! It is so much better than any other spinach dip recipe I have tried! Ever since I was little I have always

Gunkan Maki

<p>Gunkan maki, also known as Battleship maki, is a common, more traditional type of sushi. It is topped with masago (fish eggs, larger than tobiko, which is what was used on the <a href="">Boston Roll</a>), so it is very salty.</p>

Unagi Philly Roll

<p>In a time long, long past, one of our readers suggested a roll that combines unagi (eel) and cream cheese. (Okay so it was only 4 months ago, but that's almost SushiDay's entire lifetime!) We finally got around to trying it, and Son and I definitely agree - it's really good! It tastes very similar to the <a href="">Philadelphia Roll</a>, so this is a great alternative for those who aren't so