Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Even though my family isn’t really religious, we still celebrate it every year. We spent some time yesterday dying eggs… my little brother was having a little too much fun doing it! We have these little plastic wrappers that you can put around the hard boiled eggs, then put them in boiling water to shrink-wrap them around the eggs. He ended up shrink-wrapping every one of his eggs to the little wire egg dippers (seen in this egg dying tutorial).. luckily we have a lot of egg dippers from previous years! And yes, we are technically a bit too old to be doing this… those of us dying eggs range in age from 14 to 25! (Well, my mom also did a few eggs, but I’m not telling you how old she is!)

Happy Easter!

Tomorrow morning we get to wake up and do an Easter egg hunt in our backyard… some traditions never get old, and for Son they are very new – last year was the first year he had ever dyed Easter eggs or done an Easter egg hunt! Growing up in Vietnam he had a lot of different traditions than those we have here in the U.S., so I have been introducing him to a lot of new things (carving pumpkins for Halloween, having a stocking for Christmas, dying Easter eggs, etc.). Later in the day we have a super yummy Easter dinner: ham, scalloped potatos, asparagus, and the best spinach dip in the world! (If you ask me nicely, I may just share the recipe!) Yum… I can’t wait!

Happy Easter!

So now I want to know, what are your Easter traditions? I have never celebrated Easter with anyone aside from my own family, so I would love to hear how your traditions differ from mine! Have a wonderful Easter!
Happy Easter!

8 thoughts on “Happy Easter!”

  1. rachel -

    Hmm, my mom still dyes eggs with my brother and he is 22! And today, I plan to dye some with my husband-I’m 27 and he’s 34! Never too old to dye eggs!

  2. Amy -

    I helped my nieces and nephews dye eggs this year. Yeah…it’s still fun. 🙂 Although us older kids have finally outgrown having an Easter basket (we used to leave carrots out for the Easter bunny, and he’d give us candy in return) it was still fun to do it for the little ones and watch them have their egg hunt! And of course, the Easter dinner is ALWAYS something to look forward to. So…gonna share your spinach dip recipe? Pretty please? 😀

  3. Allison -

    Rachel – That’s good to know! 😀 I agree… you’re never too old to dye eggs!

    Dimora – Thank you! (blush) You just made my day. 🙂

    Amy – 😀 That sounds like a lot of fun! We don’t have any little ones in the family yet, so I live vicariously through the pictures from one of Son’s friends who has two adorable little girls. 🙂 Okay… when I can get to the store to buy spinach I will post the spinach dip recipe, just because you asked so nicely! 😀

  4. Yvo -

    Happy Easter, Allison! Despite having grown up here, and being raised Catholic, to boot, I never ever had an Easter Egg Hunt until this past Sunday. I was at my boyfriend’s house (his family does a huge Easter dinner every year) and I mentioned never having hunted for eggs, so his mom insisted on hiding eggs for me. I’m 26 =P Hahahaha. I wasn’t the only one searching, though, as his niece (15) and two cousins (19 or 20? and 22?) searched with us…. Hahahahah. It was a lot of fun! I did, however, occasionally dye eggs as a kid, upon my insistence though. Heh. In any case, isn’t it great sharing traditions with other people? I find that sometimes I’m all “Oh I wish he would just understand the way I was brought up/the traditions I’m used to and what makes me who I am” but then other times, it’s so much fun teaching another person (provided they’re willing and interested, of course) about all the things that make us unique… Sorry, got a little wrapped up in my own mind there for a second =)

  5. Allison -

    Yvo – I love hearing your stories! I know what you mean about sharing traditions… Son’s parents are very traditional, and have included me in some of the celebrations and ceremonies (Lunar New Year, etc.), and my family includes him in a lot of our celebrations. 🙂

    Erin – Thanks! I just hopped over to your blog… that butterfly cake is adorable! Hehe now I’m hungry for cake! 😀