cinco de mayo roll

Cinco de Mayo Roll

Okay, so technically this isn’t a very *Mexican* roll. But work with me here – it does use red pepper powder, and technically yellowtail is mostly found in Baja California (at least in North America), which is part of Mexico! Plus it’s all pretty and colorful, and today is May 5th! So there. 😀 Of

yellowtail nigiri

Yellowtail Nigiri

I first tried yellowtail sashimi late last year, and it was love at first bite. Now, if you held a gun to my head and forced me to choose (please don’t, by the way) yellowtail would be my sashimi of choice, even over tuna and salmon! It has such light flavor and just melts between

tuna nigiri

Tuna Nigiri

<p>So simple, and yet so good. This is definitely the most basic type of sushi, and the most common one seen in media, sushi bars, and anywhere else sushi or pictures of sushi might be found. Not surprisingly this is what most people thing of when they think of sushi. </p>

New York Roll

<p>Yeah, I know... don't ask. I have absolutely no clue why this is called the New York Roll! If anyone has any idea of the origin of the name, or any suggestions for a roll better desering of the name, please share! :D</p>

Naked Spicy Tuna Roll

<p>Hot hot hot! This is another spicy tuna roll, but it gets it's heat from a completely different source. Instead of the Sriracha sauce that is in normal spicy tuna rolls, this one has a jalapeno as one of it's fillings. Even though it has cream cheese to soothe your taste buds... it really doesn't help much. Or so I hear. To be honest, I made Son try this

unagi asparagus

Unagi Asparagus Roll

<p>Tuna tuna tuna... so many tuna sushi recipes lately! What? I'm catching up for the entire year that I didn't use any sashimi at all! :D A quick break though... it's an unagi recipe today, and then it's back to tuna! Mmmmm...</p>

feisty tuna roll

Feisty Tuna Roll

The Feisty Tuna Roll is a little bit spicy but not overwhelmingly so, and definitely tasty. The avocado helps cool it down a little more, so even people who aren’t huge fans of spicy foods will probably like this. 🙂 Ingredients 6 sheets nori 3 cups sumeshi 1 large avocado 2 tbsp mayonnaise 2 tsp

the red violin roll

The Red Violin

This is another one of the tuna rolls that we made oh, about three months ago. Behind? Who, me? Okay, fine, you win. I am waaaaaay behind in my sushi posts, and I’m not done yet! We still have a bunch more tuna rolls left to post! I know what you’re thinking, “Maybe you should

Cheese Age

<p>I first introduced you to Cheese Age waaaay back when I first tried them at Honda-Ya for Son's birthday. Yeah, I'm a bit behind in my posts, can you tell? :D Anyways, I promised you I would try making them and then write a post about them... and I did! Make them anyways. I made them for my great-aunt's Christmas party the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and they were a