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misoyaki butterfish

Misoyaki Butterfish

Today we’re making misoyaki butterfish from the Aloha Kitchen Cookbook! This is another redemption from a member of our Twitch community, this time from Blacklash. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of recipes from this cookbook – not only because everything looks delicious, but because there’s also a lot of overlap between the recipes in


Furikake is to the Japanese what everything bagel seasoning is to American Millennials. Furikake is a Japanese seasoning that is often sprinkled over rice, which is rather fitting because the word “furikake” comes from the phrase “furi kakeru”, which means “to sprinkle over” in Japanese. At its base, it’s often just salt, sugar, sesame seeds,


On our Twitch cooking stream, we had a loyalty point system called fishcoins. If a viewer gathered enough fishcoins, they could redeem them to help choose something for me to make on stream. Many of the redemptions were cookbooks or countries – you could pick one, and then I’d choose a recipe to cook from

Teriyaki Sauce

teri•yaki Teri refers to the shine that the sauce gives to the food. Yaki is a method of grilling or broiling food. Here in the US, ‘teriyaki’ has come to refer to the sauce that uses the same flavors as the Japanese teriyaki, rather than to the specific cooking method. Shoyu and sugar always make

Cucumber Kimchi

We love kimchi! Napa cabbage kimchi. Dried radish kimchi. Fresh radish kimchi. Chive kimchi. But the kimchi we make the most often, because the ingredients are super readily available and it’s SO danged easy to make, is this cucumber kimchi. You can use any sort of cucumbers for this. Lebanese cucumbers – the thin-skinned ones

Tuna Burgers

Did you panic buy tuna? I totally panic bought tuna. Between COVID and realizing that our earthquake kits were WAY expired… we have a lot of tuna. So if you’re anything like me, you now have a TON of tuna on hand, and you need ways to use it all up. These tuna burgers are


I was dancing around, singing “guacamole guacamole guacamole” while making this, and had a realization… guacamole… guaca-mole… mole! Like the sauce! So I went and looked it up, and did you know that the word ‘guacamole’ comes from the Aztec word ‘ahuacamolli’, which translates to ‘avocado sauce’?! (There’s supposed to be a bar over that

Bacon Burgers

When you’re making bacon for your burger… gotta bacon fat all the things!!! Bacon fat mushrooms. Bacon fat onions. Bacon fat burger! So. Much. Bacon. (…ignore the burnt bacon.) Bacon Burger Makes 4 burgers Ingredients 1/2 lb bacon 1 lb mushrooms, sliced 1/2 red onion, sliced into rings 1 lb ground beef 2 cloves garlic,

7-Layer Dip

It’s my grandma’s 7-layer dip recipe! I make this every single year for family gatherings, and it’s my favorite not-so-healthy-but-totally-pretends-to-be-healthy snack. Yes I know the mayo in guac is weird, but YOU DON’T MESS WITH GRANDMA’S RECIPES. Really, you should know better. ? 7-Layer Dip Ingredients 2 cans (9 oz each) Frito Lay bean dip