Frozen Yogurt Pie

It’s summer… and in this household, it means it’s time to make frozen yogurt pie!

This is one of my favorite things, because it’s so tasty but also so simple to make.

A few single-serving containers of strawberry yogurt, for the fruity tang.

Mix that with cool whip for a fluffy lightness.

Dump it in a graham cracker crust to add a deep sweetness.

Freeze it, and voila – frozen yogurt pie!

Seriously the easiest thing you will ever make.

And it’s so good!

Frozen Yogurt Pie

  • ~16oz strawberry yogurt (2-3 single serving containers)
  • 1 8oz tub cool whip, defrosted
  • 1 10″ graham cracker pie crust
Cooking Directions
  1. Mix yogurt and cool whip thoroughly. (If desired, you can set aside a third of the cool whip for topping.)
  2. Pour the yogurt mixture into the pie crust. Top with the reserved cool whip. Spread into an even layer.
  3. Freeze several hours, or until completely solid.
  4. To serve, let sit for 10 minutes to soften before slicing. Garnish with strawberries, if desired.

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