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Here I include sushi restaurant reviews and book reviews, as well as anything else that doesn’t fit into any other category.

A Look Into My Fridgg

<p>For nearly two years now, I have been sharing my love of sushi with you. Every week, new sushi recipes or restaurant reviews. From reading Sushi Day, one might assume my entire life revolves around sushi - many are surprised that it does not.</p> <p>Sushi is only one of many things I make in my kitchen. I love to bake, and I cook many other dishes as well. For quite some

Koo-Ki Sushi

<p>When you get deep into the sushi world, something that begins to come up is candy sushi. Often, people use Hostess Twinkies or Rice Crispy Treats as the sumeshi, with Fruit Roll-Ups for the nori. However, many have heard of <a href="">Suedy's Koo-Ki Sushi</a>. These also use a rice crispy base, but use various types of chocolate, caramel, and gummy candies for their nori and sushi fillings. Often I have

New Year’s Sushi

<p>If you haven't already, head over to my <a href="">"Contest Time" post</a> and enter the contest to win one of five Sushi Day t-shirts in the size of your choice! Deadline is midnight PST next Saturday, so get entering!</p>

Monday Sushi?

<p>Last night, I was sitting at home watching TV (hehe no, I don't really get out much on Friday nights!), and there was a 20/20 special discussing 10 common myths. One of these such myths is that you shouldn't eat at restaurants on Mondays, because they might be using food that had been bought the past Friday to use up leftovers, rather than using food freshly bought that day.</p>

Five Things…

<p>...You Didn't Know About Me. I have been tagged!! Yvo from <a href="">The Feisty Foodie</a> tagged me for the "Five Things You Didn't Know About Me" thing that's going around (I think it's contagious!), so here I am with my five things. I have been thinking about it all day, so here's what I came up with!</p>

The Complete Book of Sushi

<em>"The Complete Book of Sushi"</em> is perfect for not only the sushi newcomer, but also as a reference book for the sushi lover. It is extremely comprehensive, including information from sushi customs to rolling sushi, and even provides recipes for soups and sauces that are commonly eaten with sushi.