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An Interview with Hajime Sato

<span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt="Mashiko"/> </span> <p>The day after the <a href="">dinner at Mashiko</a>, I was scheduled to be back at <a href="">Mashiko</a> in the afternoon, to interview Hajime and Casson.</p> <p>First, Son and I sat down with Hajime and Casson - Son took pictures, I asked questions, and Hajime and Casson discussed my questions to the music of the kitchen prepping for the first evening of service with a completely sustainable menu. Though this was supposed

Sustainable Sushi at Mashiko – Seattle, WA

<span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt="Mashiko"/> </span> <p>About a month ago, I was hanging out on <a href="">twitter</a>, and got a tweet from <a href="">Casson Trenor</a> (you may remember I've written about him when I <a href="">had a contest to give away several copies of his book</a> and <a href="">wrote about some bluefin tuna protests happening in Los Angeles</a>): "any chance you can be in seattle mid-aug? Opening a new sustainable sushi restaurant, would lovelovelove to have you

Japanese Food and Sake Festival

<span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt="Miso Soup with Bonito"/> </span> <p>So. Much. Good. Food. More than anything, that is the thing that stands out the most about the <a href="">Japanese Food and Sake Festival</a> presented by the Japanese Food Culture Association and the Japan America Society of Southern California. The festival was held yesterday afternoon at the Hyatt Regency in Orange County, and because we have some <a href="">awesome friends</a>, we were able

Musha Izakaya

<a class="bigPic" href="#" title="Musha"> <img src="" alt="Musha"/> </a> <p>A couple of weeks ago, Son and I decided we were in the mood for Japanese... but not sushi. (I know, blasphemy! Really, people. I eat many foods aside from sushi.) A quick search on <a href="">Yelp</a> found a cute little Japanese Izakaya called <a href="">Musha</a>. </p> <a class="bigPic" href="#" title="Spicy Tuna Dip"> <img src="" alt="Spicy Tuna Dip"/> </a> <p>The first dish that came out was the Spicy

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sushi Day

<a class="bigPic" href="" title="Life without sushi..."> <img src="" alt="Life without sushi..."/> </a> <p>Two years ago today, <a href="">Sushi Day was introduced to the world</a>. On only our second day live, <a href="">we got a very warm welcoming</a>, and significantly more traffic than we had ever expected. From there, things only got better. A year ago, we began <a href="">selling shirts</a>, and <a href="">just a month ago I introduced you to</a> <a href="">my new food

Bento, Cookies, and BBM Fun

<p>Everyone loves getting packages. Especially when they're somewhat unexpected packages with awesome goodies inside. And I got three! In the same week! How awesome is that?</p> <a class="bigPic" href="" title="Bento Box!"> <img src="" alt="Bento Box!"/> </a> <p>First off, I received the bento box that I won in <a href="">Yvo's</a> <a href="">Does This Make My Lunch Look Phat? contest</a>. Seriously, the cutest little bento box ever! It's so little, and cute, and adorable,

Mitch’s Fish Market – Honolulu, Hawaii

<a class="bigPic" href="" title="Mitch's Fish Market"><img src="" width="500" height="333" alt="Mitch's Fish Market" /></a> <p>I love sushi. <i>Duh, Allison, of course you do.</i> Well yes, my adoration of sushi is just a wee bit obvious. After all, I wouldn't have this sushi blog if I didn't love it, now would I? As with any trip I take, my first thought is of what sort of good food can be found in the

Mochi in Hawaii

<p>Ever since I was very young, mochi has been a special treat for me. My mother would take us to the Japanese part of town every once in a while to stock up on the Japanese foods that she liked, and we would always stop by the little bakery in the shopping center. We each were allowed to pick one piece of mochi to take home with us and eat later.

Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar

<p>When Son and I booked our trip to Hawaii, we knew that in addition to trying all the best local food, we wanted to have sushi. Lots of sushi. There are many other sushi restaurants we are looking to try (one can never have too much sushi) but since it is close to our hotel, we decided to try <a href="">Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar</a> first.</p> <a class="bigPic" href="" title="Mural on the