Weekly Wanderings 2020/11

We’ve been so busy filming and working on videos all the time that I have no idea what day it is anymore.

Almost forgot to post this week’s Weekly Wanderings!

It’s been HOT again, so we’ve been surviving on daily ice cream. My mom made pistachio gelato, and we found some of this fig ice cream in the freezer we had forgotten about!

Now that it’s no longer smoky, we’re aiming for daily walks again. Found a pretty succulent.

And a chalk bird.

Tooooo much information.

Breakfast sandwich (with a double egg because I accidentally broke a yolk).

Son wanted toast and then his bread tried to make a break for it. It somehow slipped between the metal wires in the rack and landed on the heating element in our toaster.

Pretty little flowers. They’re more blue IRL.


What’s this? (Pretend it’s a turkey.)

Thai basil.

Up a tree.


Have a lovely week, everybody!