chili crisp

Chili crisp, and an eggnog gingerbread french toast bake for Christmas!

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I first tried chili crisp a few weeks ago, when a friend brought a jar to our Asian Dumplings Cookbook Club potluck at the beginning of December. Son was instantly hooked, and has been asking me to make a batch ever since.

chili crisp over a soft-boiled egg

It takes a while to make (and beware the chilis – I was coughing and sneezing like crazy whenever I had to handle them!) but oh, if you are a fan of spice, it is so worth it.

Being a spice wimp myself, I can barely take one nibble before I’m running for a mouthful of eggnog gingerbread french toast bake, but still – it is so good!

eggnog gingerbread french toast bake

Speaking of the eggnog gingerbread french toast bake… I expected it to be tasty, but it turned out even better than I had hoped. It’s essentially a bread pudding, with a coffeecake-style crumble topping. You soak bread (I used brioche) with eggnog, eggs, and gingerbread spices, top it with the crumble which has even more gingerbread spice, then drizzle it with a warm eggnog-maple syrup once it’s out of the oven.

It’s heaven.

I did my own little eggnog taste-test as well. We tried Broguiere’s eggnog and Organic Valley eggnog – and our overwhelming favorite was Organic Valley. It’s creamier, and doesn’t have quite as much of an overwhelming nutmeg flavor (although Broguiere’s was still tasty!). So we used the Broguiere’s in the french toast bake, and used the Organic Valley for the syrup, which was perfect.

I’m planning on bringing the eggnog gingerbread french toast bake to my family’s Christmas celebration – here’s hoping they like it as much as we did!

eggnog gingerbread french toast bake

Today’s Question of the Day: What are your Christmas food traditions? What food are you having for Christmas this year?

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One thought on “Chili crisp, and an eggnog gingerbread french toast bake for Christmas!”

  1. A_Boleyn -

    I like French toast but it’s a bit of a fussy indulgence to make for one. Maybe if I can pick up a jug of eggnog after Xmas I’ll make some. 🙂

    Merry Christmas.