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Sushi Sat… er… Friday: Crunchy Shrimp Rolls and Spam Musubi

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crunchy shrimp roll

Today’s stream was the last stream before we take a two-week break from streaming, and also a prep stream for a party I’m having tomorrow that ended up never happening because, just like last time, the moment I stopped streaming I got sick. *facepalm*

bacon crunchy shrimp roll

We made three rolls on stream today – the crunchy shrimp roll, the bacon crunchy shrimp roll (a family favorite), and spam musubi which ended up turning into a sushi roll because apparently I am utterly incompetent at making musubi today.

I actually think I prefer the spam musubi as a maki. It was quite delicious.

spam musubi roll

Today’s Question of the Day: If you had two weeks off, what would you do?

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