thai green curry

Thai Green Curry

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thai green curry

Every now and then people ask me, how do I come up with the menu I make on stream?

thai green curry

Sometimes there’s a food holiday that sounds tasty, so I use it as an excuse.

Sometimes there’s an actual holiday with tasty food I want to make.

Sometimes, I’m trying to use up ingredients from a previous stream.

Sometimes I’m just trying to eat healthier.

thai green curry

But every now and then, I decide to make something because I’m really, really craving it.

That’s what happened here.

I’ve made this vegan thai green curry recipe a number of times in the past. (Although I still haven’t ever actually made the curry paste from scratch.)

It’s one of those things that’s so hearty and satisfying, I crave it again and again.

Unfortunately, it can be a bit of a hit or miss with curry pastes, and I’m sure that highly depends on your own preferences. This is the green curry paste we used today. It was waaaaay too spicy.

I’ve also used this curry paste in the past. It’s also too spicy for us.

Amusingly enough, the curry paste we prefer the most is this one – the most americanized of the bunch. I’ll live with whatever that says about me and my wimpy palate (although in my defense, Son has a much higher spice tolerance, and he can’t deal with the other two either).

Regardless of your spice tolerance, this is a must-try! I’m sure I’ll be craving it agian in a few months… except next time, I’ll make sure to get the right curry paste.

thai green curry

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